Areas of use


Areas of use

Fitness covers a wide variety of techniques and methodologies. Fitness can be any type of exercise designed to make us more attractive, balanced and healthier. Body workout is important for both the young and the elderly. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, improves your performance, preserves your physique and helps avoid the psychological and physical problems arising from obesity. Provided that you pay attention to your lifestyle it can strengthen not only your muscles but also your immune system.

In addition to a proper diet, another critical element of fitness is a balanced lifestyle and the preservation of physical and mental health. Working out can help burn up many calories and, in addition, regular exercise improves metabolism. Fitness encompasses a wide range of methods from which anyone can choose whatever best suits their taste, habits and possibilities and that, once they become second nature, can make life easier, more pleasant and, last but not least, healthier.

Everyone frequenting the gym has experienced a slowdown in muscle development or simply loss of motivation caused by the monotony of weight training sessions. That is when the knowledge of the personal fitness trainer combined with state-of-the-art E-Fit technology guarantees versatile training sessions and the rapid achievement of your goals. Whether complementing your aerobic sessions or combining with cardio sessions, the E-Fit technology is your best choice.

An EMS device in the hands of highly qualified trainers can not only replace traditional fitness training but also help achieve specific training goals. Among the available EMS devices on market, only E-FIT has the attire which has been designed specifically for active exercise, enabling it to fit any form of movement from basic gymnastic exercises to dynamic martial art elements.

Competitive Sport

What is E-Fit

E-Fit offers a great opportunity also in top-level sports thanks to the wild range of setting options of its devices. Training programmes can be optimised specifically for competitive edge sports with the help of electrodes, in a unique technical suit, geared to specific sports, which can generate pre-programmed and scheduled patterns of movement. This can be of particular importance in the case of movement along a fixed track, e.g. ergometer, spinning or elliptical trainer, which greatly contributes to targeted performance improvement and a higher utilisation rate of muscle strength.

The method in essence models the process of movement whereby each muscle group receives an external impulse in the order of their engagement, which can lead to an ingrained pattern that increases the amount and strength of muscle fibres engaged in work during movement. In this way, after a short (1 to 2-month) period of training with of a given pattern of movement the athlete learns the correct sequence and intensity of engaging his/her muscles, which, if used properly, leads to higher performance.

Another great benefit of training with the device is shortened warm-up time thanks to the immediate engagement of a higher number of muscle fibres in work during E-Fit training, which leaves more energy for the event itself. However, it must be borne in mind that warming up the joints remains important and that they can be exposed to greater strain due to increased muscle strength.

E-Fit lays great emphasis on sport-specific enhancements that will enable the best adaptation of our technology to high-performance & high-effectiveness training.
Such developments include e.g. customisation to muscle groups specifically used in particular sports and allowing greater freedom of movement when performing exercises. Just as importantly, we aim to assemble individual training programmes underpinned by long-term, targeted research in order to enable the safe use of this method.

Our current research project is focusing on developing a special device and clothing for the members of the national rowing team that will enable the use of the technology e.g. on the rowing ergometer with two athletes, who have pair events as their strength, in such a way as to harmonise their movements. The training of the two athletes on the ergometer takes place concurrently but with different channel assignments, which, when used in the long term, can lead to better synchronisation of their movements.


1. Efficiency

The man in today’s society works against the clock. No time outside of work and family for physical exercise. Very few people go to the gym or go outdoors to train for an hour and a half after a hard day’s work. However, EMS training only takes half an hour, including the time to change clothes. This is one of the keys to its success. The
20-minute workout is equivalent to 90 minutes exercise.Therefore, we can get in shape in less time.

2. Body Building

This program is designed for muscle gain and for the maintenance of muscle weight without putting too much stress on the joints. This training is similar to weight training, as it is focusing on the development of muscles. Throughout the duration of the program, low-frequency muscle tensing and complete body exercises should be performed, focusing on one muscle group at a time with greater intensity and pulse width. According to the customer’s needs, the length of contractions and the resting period between these contractions can be varied. The exercises are excellent for maintaining fitness levels and are also great supplements of the conventional gym workouts, while easy on the joints. To achieve the desired effect, it is important to maintain a proper diet. (Intermittent Fasting)

3. Fat burning

This program performs a higher level of stimulation using a combined waveform specifically for the problematic parts of the body. This setup increases the oxygen consumption of the cells and burns calories faster. In addition to a full-body workout, the intensive training of the specific body parts results in the expected results. The low-frequency and low width of the pulses specifically stimulate the surface layer – wherein the fat layer is located. This type of stimulation does not affect deep muscles, thus the exercise program is based on continuous, dynamic movements, with the help of the personal trainer. These exercises can be further intensified by using a step-bench, hand or leg weights. The key to the weight loss program is to keep the pulse rate within the fat burning zone. This can be easily controlled by the use of a heart rate monitor watch, but experienced personal trainers are able to keep the heart rate in the right zone. Positive results can be seen within a month, especially if combined with a healthy diet. We recommend Intermittent Fasting.

4. Training of all muscles simultaneously

As for the training process, we use the term “full body stimulation”. In the special clothing for training, there are electrodes connected to each of the major muscle groups: chest, back, biceps and triceps, abs, glutes, quadriceps and calves. The pulses are conducted simultaneously in each muscle group, but depending on the body part that want to work, can be increased by the intensity of the separate electrodes, while the intensity of the original impulse is maintained with respect to other parts of the body . The efficacy of the method lies in the solution, because even when we are working the muscles of the arm, the legs are also stimulated.

5. Cellulite Treatment

The computer can be programmed to effectively treat the symptoms of cellulite. The cause of cellulite is the weakness of the connective tissues. Fat cells accumulate between the skin and muscle tissue, forming lumps visible on the skin, especially on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. These tissues can be stimulated with pulses of low intensity, increasing blood circulation and helps to eliminate waste problem areas.

6. Muscle & Sport-Specific Training

As the electrodes are placed in the large muscle groups of the body, they can stimulate the entire body all at once. However, there may be muscles that are less developed. By selecting the proper training program, we can strengthen those muscles specifically.
Factors like an inappropriate lifestyle, genetics or the type of exercise may be the cause of this problem. This holds true with bodybuilders too. E-Fit devices carry an extra electrode may be positioned on problematic areas to increase the stimulation.

7. Decreased back pain

One of the key effects of electronic stimulation is achieved by the ability to reach down to deep muscle tissues. Deep muscular exercise, including the back or along the spinal column, is usually very difficult. These muscles are responsible for maintaining posture. However, the sedentary lifestyle of today and the harmful effects of civilization cause the lower back muscles to be the weakest, attributing to back pain.

Muscle stimulation can help strengthen these muscles, allowing them to fulfill their function, which is to hold the spine without pain.

8. Personal Training

Training is absolutely individual. Your Personal Coach focuses on one individual. The equipment can be customized for each user and individual settings can be saved.

Therefore, the desired result can be achieved with greater efficiency.Participants receive training in a full-service, high quality environment with which they can easily achieve their goals with the help of a personal trainer.

9. Applicable at all ages and fitness levels

No matter the degree of training, muscles can be generated even with slight stimulation; making it effective to begin exercising. By increasing the load very gradually, we are awakening muscles that have been inactive. This causes a rapid development, both in the elderly, people with a damaged muscle or the “skinny fat” person.

10. Joint protection

The training is performed without additional weights. The load is provided by the intensity of the pulses. Therefore we are avoiding joint damage.

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