What is E-Fit

E-Fit is a new personal training programme launching in the US with presence in more than 20 countries with more than 240 saloons worldwide. The training uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology combined with skilled personal training, providing an accelerated fitness solution available to all ages and fitness levels.

In as little as one 20 minute workout a week, E-Fit personal training can stimulate your mood and sense of wellbeing, moving towards a healthier overall lifestyle. The technology accelerates muscle growth, improving your fitness and body shape faster than traditional gym workouts. The concept of a ‘stimulated, accelerated workout’ is
the core of E-Fit personal training and the key to a healthier, fitter lifestyle.

How it Works:



E-Fit is not a single purpose workout tool, it's a universal fitness programme. At the core of the E-Fit training programme is the device and your personal workout sessions. This section will provide an overview of what to expect at your E-Fit training session.

E-Fit is personal training, enhanced. As with any training, the first part of your session will be a brief to focus on your key fitness aims and goals. Your trainer will use this to tailor a bespoke E-Fit workout around you.

Before your initial discussion you will have changed into the E-Fit undergarments provided as you arrive at the studio. These garments provide an under layer over which the E-Fit shorts and vest will be placed. After your talk the trainer will fit you into the E-Fit gear and you will be ready for the session.

From here the workout will last 20 minutes. The exercises, techniques and equipment used will vary from person to person depending on the workout and device settings your personal trainer has planned for you. During the session your trainer will use the E-Fit device to actively stimulate your muscles, gradually adjusting the output to a level where you feel comfortable.

The E-Fit device works your muscles up to 10 times harder than during conventional exercise. Making the E-Fit workout an extraordinary experience, different to almost any other fitness programme.

Every E-Fit training session will end the same way, with a 3 minute warm-down period to relax the muscles used during your workout. During this time the E-Fit machine emits a low number of impulses per second working as a massage for your muscles.

Finally as with any fitness training it is essential to perform additional stretches to finish your workout. The trainer will advise you on appropriate stretches based on your level and variety of workout.

That’s it. A complete body workout tailored to you in just 20 minutes.

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